Tesla Driver Who Died In A Crash Was Playing Video Game – NTSB

The National Transportation Safety Board said the driver of a Tesla SUV who died in a Silicon Valley crash two years ago was playing a video game on his smartphone at the time. AP reports.

“If you own a car with partial automation, you do not own a self-driving car. This means that when driving in the supposed ‘self-driving’ mode, you can’t read a book, you can’t watch a movie or TV show, you can’t text and you can’t play video games.” – Chairman Robert Sumwalt.

In March 2018, a Apple Engineer “Walter Huang” was killed in a Model X SUV fatal crash, when his car slammed into a concrete barrier that divided the road.

Until now, NTSB investigators have previously found that Tesla’s system had become confused at the exit of the freeway and was a factor in the crash. Documents released earlier this month quoted Huang’s relatives as suggesting that Huang had already worried about Autopilot malfunctioning and swerving in the area near where the accident occurred.

NHTSA told the NTSB that it has opened investigations into 14 Tesla crashes and that it would use its security defect enforcement to take action if necessary.

NHTSA stated that it would review the NTSB report and that all commercially available vehicles require human drivers to remain in control at all times. “Distraction-affected crashes are a major concern, including those involving advanced driver assistance,” the statement said.

According to Tesla, Autopilot is safer than human drivers. Tesla has claimed its internal data shows that drivers using Autopilot crash less frequently while using the technology than while driving manually.

No Reported Coronavirus Case So Far in Tesla Shanghai Factory

Coronavirus has forced major tech companies to close offices, stores, and factories in China, but not Giga Shanghai.

Video Of Giga Shanghai Pumping Out Tesla Model 3

The deadly virus has not forced Tesla Giga Shanghai factory plant from pumping out cars.

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Officially Back In Business

Almost 2 weeks after Tesla re-opens its China production plant, after a brief 2 weeks break, due to Chinese New Year and the outbreak of the deadly virus “coronavirus”, there has been no positive case of coronavirus in Giga Shanghai.

This is a wonderful news for the electric vehicle maker’ investors, as Tesla approaches First Quarter Earnings.

Tesla To Hit 12,000 Monthly Production Rate Soon

According to Sun Xiaohe, the Chief of the High-tech Industry and Technology Innovation Division of the Management Committee of Lingang New Area: “Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai is expecting to achieve 12,000 monthly production rate soon, and the number will gradually rise.tesmanian reports.

Giga Brazil Coming Soon?

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and a top lawmaker Daniel Freitas said in a statement that they are planning to visit Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to make the top electric carmaker a great offer.

This report “by Peter Siqueira of Reuters” is going around, about how Brazilian government is working very hard to lure Tesla Inc into the country.

More to follow later, as this is still a developing news.