New Findings Shows Tesla Is 6 Years Ahead Of Toyota and Volkswagen

A teardown of Tesla Model 3 by Nikkei xTech finds Tesla technology to be atleast 6 years ahead of two most valuable car manufacturers in the world, Toyota and Volkswagen.

According to Nikkei, Tesla self driving autonomous chip, home developed by Tesla engineers is way ahead of competitions. This little piece of technology is said to be the almighty weapon Tesla will keep using against competitors and could lead to the end of auto industry supply chain as we know it.

One stunned engineer from a major Japanese automaker examined the computer and declared, “We cannot do it.”

The module — released last spring and found in all new Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles — includes two custom, 260-sq.-millimeter AI chips. Tesla developed the chips on its own, along with special software designed to complement the hardware. The computer powers the cars’ self-driving capabilities as well as their advanced in-car “infotainment” system.

There should be nothing stopping Toyota or VW from doing the same much earlier than 2025, considering their immense financial resources and vast talent pools. But technological hurdles are not the reason for the delay, according to the Japanese engineer who said “we cannot do it.” Nikkei XTech adds.