Tesla To Finish Gigaberlin DU Within 19 Days

Tesla factory in Germany known as “Gigaberlin” is rising at the speed of light.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised investors to make Gigaberlin one of the best car manufacturing factories in the world, with world-class machines that make the machines. He also added that the Made-In-Germany Model Y will be revolutionary.

According to Tesla employees on-site, Elon Musk is always in contact with them, to monitor the progress and support wherever or whenever he can.

Latest Photos

I have learned that the drive train for the Tesla vehicles will be manufactured in the Drive Unit building which according to Tesla employees in an interview with Business Insider, will be completed in just 19 days.

The Drive Unit is arguable one of the most important buildings on the site. The axles and the electric motors which will be built in the DU are going to drive the vehicles.

โ€œThe pressure is huge,โ€ one employee told Business Insider. The Tesla colleagues from the USA call every day, several times a day – and get up at 3 or 4 a.m. so that they can be reached in the morning from European time. Elon Musk often uses the phone himself, says the employee. At the same time, he emphasizes that, despite the enormous pressure, the working atmosphere and โ€œthe spiritโ€ on-site are better than anything he has experienced in German projects.

The Corona Pandemic

Tesla Gigaberlin “Opening Day” was scheduled for March ending before the coronavirus lockdown began. Most of the Tesla workers from the USA had to fly back on the same day, and only a handful was left behind to ginger the swagger of the German workers.

This was another smart move of Tesla, to keep the working atmosphere at the construction site positive.

Piles Installation Continues…

A friend of mine “Jurgen” on-site shared the photos below on twitter yesterday.

Tesla is now installing the Piles needed for the rest of the buildings, such as the Press Shop (which according to experts will be significantly heavier than the rest of the factory). Tesla has so far installed about 500 piles, with just 550 piles left to go.

It’s still known that the construction of Gigaberlin is at Tesla’s risk, as all necessary permits are not yet given. Once the next permit is given in the next couple of days I suppose, Gigaberlin Water and Power will be officially turned on, and the public parking lot which is presently being built, and which is expected to have a charging station for visitors, will be fully functional.