Is Tesla Making A Smartwatch?

An FCC filing with the id-number 2AVMJX5P by Xplora Technologies AS., a Norway-based wearable company focusing on smartwatches for kids, indicates the company is working with Tesla Inc!. secretly.

It’s not yet clear how long Xplora and Tesla have been working together, and towards specifically what but what is clear is that both companies are working towards something that can benefit Tesla as a vehicle manufacturer.

Could it be a whole new kind of smartwatch for Tesla users?, or just an App on the platform for Tesla users to use to connect, control, or summon their Tesla vehicles?. It is also very possible that Tesla has secretly acquired Xplora Technologies AS. This is still a breaking news, and expect more to follow as we discover.

Robotaxi also comes to mind when considering the fact that this platform is mainly for kids. Could Tesla be working on ways to help Kid hop into a Robotaxi and take a ride to school without Parent’s supervision?. I mean, with such a platform, Kids can easily summon a Tesla Robotaxi using the Xplora-Tesla smartwatch for a ride to school, training, sport centres, extra classes, list goes on.

Purpose Of The Filing.

This amazing discovery was first made and well detailed by myhealthyapple. “In researching some of the new wearables that have recently seen chatter at the FCC, we stumbled upon an interesting product in the wearables category designed and marketed by Xplora Technologies AS.” – writer Niel S wrote. “The specific product in question according to FCC filing is the X5 Play/ X5 Play eSIM. This is a smartwatch that accepts a Nano-SIM card and allows kids to track their activity, send voice messages, and pre-defined text messages to known contacts. The Xplora smartwatch supports call time, has a camera, features remote switch-off capabilities, supports wi-fi, and has a school mode (Silent and SOS-only).”.

The FCC Filling That Reveals Tesla’s Secret Smartwatch Interest

What do you guys think about this discovery?. Is Tesla building a Tesla Watch?.