Daimler Sold It’s ~10% Tesla Stake For $780M In 2014

Daimler and Tesla first started working together over 10 years ago, with Musk’s electric automaker Tesla Inc!. providing lithium-ion battery packs and charging technology for a Daimler electric smart car.

How FOBO Ruined Daimler’s Billion Dollars Tesla’s Share Opportunity

FOBO is driven by narcissism because when you have FOBO, you’re putting your interests well before anybody else’s. FOBO means Fear Of Better Option.

Tesla was the powertrain provider of Daimler before the two went their separate ways in 2014. The powertrain was used to power the A-Class and B-Class electric cars before Daimler divested from the company in 2014.

In 2009, Daimler paid $50 million to acquire a stake of almost 10% in Tesla. That almost 10% stake in Tesla was sold in 2014 sadly for roughly $780 million. Daimler could be sitting on a massive wealth of over $5 billion in Tesla stock ownership as of today, had they not sold their stake in Tesla.

Just a decade later, Tesla is now worth over 8 times Daimler, and is now the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, with a market cap of $464.339 billion.

Tesla’s average stock price in 2014 was $223.3291, before the 2020 5-1 stock split ofc. At $223, the company market cap was below $50 billion.

Tesla-Mercedes Electric Van Coming Soon?

Elon musk in 2018, once suggested it may be interesting for Tesla to work with Daimler/Mercedes on an electric Sprinter. This is something most YouTubers are not talking about, and nobody seems to see this happening. Am I alone on this?.

Most Tesla followers are predicting Tesla may build a CyberVan, but in my opinion, Tesla will possibly work with Daimler to build an electric van, but I doubt it would be named CyberVan.

Elon Musk has also suggested Tesla may be working as a power-train supplier soon, as he would love to see other ICE car manufacturers go all-electric in the nearest future, and if that requires Tesla to help them out with powertrain technology, so be it.

To be continued :D.

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