Tesla To Start Delivery Of Short-haul Self Driving Semi Trucks In Second Quarter

JK Moving purchases property in Gainesville for expansion. Plus, an update on incoming Tesla trucks at the company.

JK Moving Services is expanding its operations in Prince William County, acquiring $47 million for 135 acres in Gainesville, the company said Wednesday bizjournals reports.

Tesla To Hit $612.00 – Oppenheimer Reaffirms

According to JK CEO Chuck Kuhn, they wanted to diversify their footprint a little bit for supporting their clientele and also recruiting, Kuhn, one of the region’s most active real estate investors, told the Washington Business Journal.

The 1,100 employee JK Moving, which operates a facility in Woodbridge, plans to recruit 300 new Gainesville area staff including administrative, distribution, driver, and warehouse positions. Construction of the first building is expected in the 4th quarter of 2021.

Kuhn said he expects to receive his first shipment of Tesla short-haul moving trucks by the second quarter of 2020. In the first round, six are planned with six more on choice if they work as intended. JK also said he purchased 10 Tesla long-haul moving trucks, although they are not yet ready for shipment.

The semis have a “tremendous technology” autopilot component in the cabin, Kuhn said, and will save the company on fuel bills.

In 2017, Kuhn visited Tesla factories in both Northern California and Nevada before to make a $5,000-per-truck deposit. Tesla now requires a deposit of $20,000 per semi. The trucks can go from zero to 60 mph with an 80,000-pound load in 20 seconds, climb 5 percent grades at 65 mph, and travel autonomously in a convoy with one or more semis following a lead truck.

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