Gigaberlin Installs (SAC) Single Access Control Doors For Elon Musk

Tesla CEO is presently in Germany on a business trip. Apart from his business meeting with Curevac, a company based in Tübingen, Germany, Musk will be visiting Tesla’s first Europe factory, the Gigaberlin, to witness the insane construction progress.

Tesla has installed a single access control entry units at gigaberlin, this entry gate was not there the last time I visited the factory. This is a sign that security is becoming tighter at the factory ahead of the CEO’s visit.

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One of the managing directors of the Curevac main investor DieviniChristof Hettich, revealed to the “Mannheimer Morgen” that Musk would be in Germany on Tuesday and Wednesday.

CureVac is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, that develops therapies based on messenger RNA. The company’s focus is on developing vaccines for infectious diseases and drugs to treat for cancer and rare diseases – wiki

Gigaberlin construction is expected to set a new construction record, beating Gigashaghai’s construction record time, as the factory is set to come online and start massive production of the (Made In Germany) revolutionary Tesla Model Y, in 2021.

Musk has said several times that the MIG Model Y will be revolutionary.

“Tesla is building RNA microfactories for CureVac and possibly others as a side project,”

Elon Musk

According to Elon Musk, Tesla is going to buid a RNA microfactories for CureVac and possibly some other side projects that is not yet known to the general public.

We are currently developing a vaccine against the coronavirus based on our mRNA technology that is especially suitable to provide a rapid response to this viral outbreak situation. All our internal efforts are focused on this challenge with the goal to reach, help and protect people all over the globe: We declared COVID-19 our core project.

With our mRNA technology, we instruct the human body to activate its own defense mechanism. To that, we use the natural messenger substance mRNA that contains the construction manual needed to produce proteins. We program this messenger substance with the information about one protein of the coronavirus and inject it into the human body. The body recognizes the protein produced by our cells as something unknown and activates its immune cells to produce antibodies and T-cells against it. In this way, we imitate the natural viral infection and activate the endogenous defense system.


“We’re Focused On Developing New Products & Scaling Production” – Elon Musk

Tesla CEO in a response to one of his over 38 million Twitter followers on Wednesday, made it clear that Tesla is completely focused on developing new products, and scaling production.

The twitter user, popular for his tweets and YouTube videos about SpaceX, another Musk’s company, asked if there has ever been a consideration for a legit racing branch of Tesla, such as Formula E, Rally, drag racing. “It’d sure be fun to see and help show off the tech!” he adds. Musk replied with a NO!.

Tesla presently has a lot of things going on almost at the same time, and the CEO hands must be super full as well because in two day’s time, he will be showing the world what one of his companies has achieved, am talking about Neurallink.

Musk has spoken repeatedly about his belief that BMI devices are needed to help humans keep up with AI by supplementing our brainpower, but right now, his goal is much simpler: to create an implantable device that lets people control phones or computers with their mind. more on the verge.

According to Elon Musk, Neuralink will be demonstrating a working device, which is believed to be an interface for brain and computer, at 6 PM ET on Friday.  Neuralink is developing implantable brain–machine interfaces (BMIs). In July, Elon Musk said Neuralink has already implanted chips in rats and plans to test its brain-machine interface in humans within two years, with a long-term goal of people “merging with AI.” In June Musk said Neuralink chip will allow humans to stream music directly to brain, he also said that Neuralink “could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage (enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief, etc.).”

According to Elon Musk in July “Tesla German-built Model Y is going to be ‘a revolution in auto body engineering’. He has spoken a lot about the upcoming German-built Tesla Model Y, which he claims is going to be “a revolution in automotive body engineering.”.

Just last week, Musk said that Tesla has managed to turn what was originally 70 parts in Model 3’s rear underbody into just two parts in the Model Y electric SUV. … Last month, Musk admitted that it has been “tricky to maintain rates and keep growing the rate for Model Y casting.”

Yesterday, Tesla made an announcement that it started operating the world’s largest casting machine at the Fremont factory. This machine will also be used to manufacture Tesla Model Y in Germany, once the construction of the first European factory is complete.

Multi-directional single casting machine for car body has started operation at Tesla Fremont factory.

Guys, just when you think you have seen it all, Tesla comes out with something completely new and crazy. What do you guys think Tesla is working on that is bigger than them getting involve in Formula E sport?.

Tesla Stock Price Target Downgraded To $87

Gordon Johnson, GLJ Research CEO & Founder has downgraded the stock of the electric vehicle giant to $87.

Gordon arguably the most bearish Tesla Stock analyst. Gordon was on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade with Brian Sozzi to discuss why he remains bearish Tesla, as investors keep an eye on the stock split set to be distributed after market close on August 28th.

Tesla Is Detached From Reality

The price target is $87 per share, that’s a 2021 year price target. Tesla is detached from reality. Tesla is trading at more than double VW market cap, yet VW sold about 11 million cars last year, Tesla sold just under 307,000 last year, and Tesla is looking to sell roughly 500 cars this year.

Tesla US order peaked in the 4th quarter of 2018. They haven’t had higher US sales since the Q4 2018. Their US gross margin peaked in the 3rd quarter of 2018, Their global sales peaked essentially in the 4th quarter of 2018. IN the 2nd quarter of 2020, they lost $300 million.

We had a tulip bubble a hundred years ago when people kept buying bulb.

Analysts re saying Tesla is seeing strong growth in China, here is the reality, the reality is in July they sold about 11,400 cars in China, and they produced about 12,200, so they built inventories and that’s the spike. They are cutting the price of their cars, they have another facility in China, and yet they are selling fewer cars, so we think the reality is much different than what’s being pumped out there. We think the stock price is driving the analyst’s opinions, which is pro-founding to us versus reality.

Tesla Quarterly Revenue

Over the history of Tesla, I think it’s like 32 quarters, and only 4 of those 32 quarters have they had a positive net income excluding credit revenue sales. The problem is all those car companies are now selling electric cars, and Tesla is guiding their Credit Revenue sales to be down about 50% after this year. Their core business is loss-making. If you take the credit revenue away, they lost 300 million last quarter.

We believe by the end of next year, Tesla Share price will be at $87 per share.

Tesla Has No Secret Sauce

Tesla doesn’t make its own battery. Anybody can buy the battery from Panasonic, LG, and CATL. but nobody is buying them. “There is no secret sauce”.

If Tesla is a technology leader, why has their R&D dropped from 12% in 2017, to 5% the lowest amount in the history of the company? Their sales of FSD in a number of different countries has fallen by 50%. It’s a huge disconnect, reality vs what people are saying. We think when the real data matches up, we going to see the stock lower.

Tesla is comparable to AOL not Amazon because we think they have technology that is outdated. Tesla doesn’t lead in technology. I don’t think people understand what they own in Tesla. I don’t think they are the technology leader, and I think that will be proven this year.


Gordon’s argument is based on credit revenue, and that Tesla will not be profitable next year because other car companies are now manufacturing electric vehicles, which means no credit revenue for Tesla going forward.

He also argues that Tesla is not making their own battery and that Tesla battery is sold to them by other battery makers, which can also be sold to other carmakers.

Guys what do you think about Gordon’s opinion?.

Checkout What German Politicians/Experts Think About Tesla Gigaberlin

The planned new electric vehicle factory of the US company Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin in Brandenburg is driving everyone crazy in Germany. Below are some quotes am able to put together from German politicians and some car experts about the ongoing Gigaberlin construction and Tesla coming to Germany in general.

  1. Federal Government’s SME Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß (CDU): “Tesla shows what is possible when political will, as well as efficient and fast processing procedures in administration and courts, meet the will to implement in business and industry,” said Bareiß to the “Handelsblatt” on Wednesday.
  2. Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics: If the final building permit is actually given in November, the duration of the procedure, at just twelve months, would be “more than a record,”. Tesla could not only stir up the German automobile market but also revolutionize our location in Germany in terms of approval procedures for industrial plants.
  3. Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW), speaks of a “signal effect”. The rapid construction progress in Grünheide is “a great example of how intelligent and early coordination after a fundamental decision can accelerate planning and implementation,” said Hüther to the “Handelsblatt”. The fact that Tesla is also planning battery production in Germany speaks for a “suction effect”.
  4. Industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer sees it similarly. “Tesla gives us development aid,” he told the newspaper. “Our suppliers are being drawn along with the car manufacturers.” The project is “a blessing for Germany”. “The body shell construction is very investment-intensive. Tesla needs fewer presses and welding robots and can thus achieve a good 20 to 30 percent cost savings in the shell construction, ”said the auto expert in an interview. “Once again, Tesla has a clear time advantage over other car manufacturers.”
  5. The Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel (Greens) praised Tesla for its project management. “Tesla is constantly working on improvements,” Vogel told the “Handelsblatt”. “Where other companies struggle, Tesla signals: We don’t want to create problems, we want to solve problems.” As an example, the minister cited the water consumption of the future factory, which is being built in a drinking water protection area. Annual water consumption has been more than halved from originally three million cubic meters to 1.4 million.

Tesla wants to roll off up to 500,000 vehicles a year in Grünheide in Brandenburg from July next year. The final environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla is already building at its own risk with early approvals.

Wedbush Analyst Daniel Ives Raises Tesla Stock Price Target To $19000, From $1800

It took Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives just 4 days to raise his Tesla thesis price target from $1800 to $1900.

Daniel Ives maintained a Hold rating on Tesla with a price whooping price target of $1900.00. The company’s shares closed last Friday at $1650.71, close to its 52-week high of $1794.99, setting a record close, after a 1.83% rally.

Ives’s Tesla price target and rating are not the biggest so far, Colin Rusch of Oppenheimer still holds a buy rating with a price target of $2209.

Last week, Ives thinks that with demand for the Model 3 ramping stronger than expectations in China heading into August/September, the lockdown easing in the U.S./Europe, and some potentially “game-changing” battery developments on the horizon, Tesla’s stock likely has room to run further.

More can be found here: Daniel Ives Raises Tesla Bull Case Price Target To $2500

BofA analyst John Murphy Raises Tesla Price Target To $1,750

OMG… Bank of America Securities analyst John Murphy upgrades his Tesla stock price target from $800 to $1,750, which is more than a 100% increase. Like seriously?.

Murphy upgraded Tesla stock rating from Underperform to Neutral claiming “the company’s “ever-increasing” stock price is “direct evidence” that Tesla has unfettered access to low-cost capital, which remains a key advantage that should be leveraged to accelerate growth.

The Reason Why BofA analyst John Murphy Raised Tesla Price Target

Murphy notes that his revised price target is before adjustment for Tesla’s 5-1 stock split that will be effective August 31.

This follows yesterday’s Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas‘ upgrade of Tesla shares to Equal Weight from Underweight with a $1,360 target, raised from $1,050, seeing an increasing likelihood that Tesla will announce a vertically integrated battery supply business. According to Adam “Tesla Battery Day… could be a game-changer, and based on what we know so far, there is growing risk of Tesla becoming a new battery competitor armed with superior technology,” Jonas writes.


Demand For Tesla Is Strong – Elon Musk

This popular topic concerning if Tesla is facing demand predicament or not was answered by the CEO Elon Musk in an Automotive News’ Daily Drive podcast released on Friday.

According to Mr. Musk, the company’s electric vehicle demand is super strong despite the coronavirus pandemic, with consumers choosing to shop online instead of offline.

Musk believes having a traditional dealer network, which is something he considered in the past, appears increasingly unnecessary.

“We saw strong orders through the whole pandemic, we still had a good order volume,” Musk said. “I guess people are less inclined to want to go to a dealership, do the test drive, and hang out in the lobby and that kind of thing.”

When asked about the massive 2020 over 230% rally of Tesla Stock, Musk said the market has a way of sorting itself out, and that as long as Tesla keeps manufacturing great cars to meet up demand, investors would be happy.

He also appreciates China by saying “China rocks in my opinion. There are a lot of smart, hard-working people and … they’re not entitled, they’re not complacent, whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement.” he said.

During the Q2 earnings call, Musk also insisted Tesla doesn’t have a demand problem, Tesla has just a couple of manufacturing problem instead, he added. Reasonably that’s why Tesla continues building more and more factories to meet up with demand.

Tesla Could Raise More Capital Before S&P500 Inclusion

New Audi boss Markus Duesmann is assembling a team of about 200 engineers within parent company Volkswagen Group to develop a new computer-driven vehicle system, he told Reuters. This is enough reason why you should stop listening to any Wall Street analysts that valuates Tesla as a car company. Markus gets it, wall street don’t.

Tesla is now super ready for s&p500 inclusion, after posting second-quarter profit last week, which makes it the fourth consecutive profitable quarter.

Amid a global pandemic and a market crash, which in return has crippled other carmakers’ ability to be profitable, Tesla posted a profitable quarter and according to the CEO Elon Musk, demand is never a problem, while other carmakers are begging the gods for demand to rise in the second half of the year. Am I communicating?.

Elon Musk’s idea of selling Tesla Short Shorts (which sold out within hours) before the Q2 date was enough to suggest Tesla short-sellers were about to get liquidated.

The question now is, will Tesla use this amazing opportunity to raise more capital, to easy market liquidity, to have about 25 million shares to sell to the incoming hungry institutional funds?. In my opinion, the answer is Yes!.

Gary Black (CIO Equities Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt) explains it better bellow:

1/ There’s still a lot of questions about a capital raise, so I will try to explain it here again. There won’t be a capital raise unless S&P asks, Tesla to do it to ease the liquidity of indexers trying to buy 25M shares over 5 days once S&P announces it is adding Tesla to the S&P500.

2/ There’s $4.6T of S&P 500 index money who will need 80bp (float adj 147Mx$1,500/$27.6T=80bp), or a total of 25M shares ($4.6T x 80bp/$1,500). If TSLA does a $5-$10B secondary after S&P announces, Tesla can sell 3-7M shares to these indexers who need 25M.  Tesla still pops 10-15%.

3/ Even though Tesla doesn’t need the cash (Tesla has $8.6B in the bank and will generate $1B FCF after CapEx in 2H), this could be a unique opportunity to put the screws to competitors reeling from the recession. Finally, Tesla can eliminate its net debt (now $5.5B), paving the way...

4/ for an inv grade credit rating in 2021. S&P inclusion (w/indexers holding shares forever), combined with an inv grade rating would reduce Tesla beta (now 1.5x) and cost of equity (now 10%) to 8-9%. The PV of cash flows would rise 10-15%, implying a 10-15% higher stock price.

Gary Black

If Tesla indeed raises more capital and get included in the s&p500, this will put Tesla Inc! six-plus years ahead of competitions, and finally set the stock price of $1500 as a strong bottom.

According to Cathie Wood of Ark Invest, ARK believes Tesla has strategic & tactical reasons to launch a ride-hailing service with human drivers before its robotaxi network launches next year. If successful, which we believe will be the case, a Tesla ride-hailing service will lower the probability of our bear case substantially during the next five years, bolstering our base case at ~$7,000. We are encouraged that few analysts are modeling this possibility!

“Tesla Might Be ‘Mind-Boggling Cheap’ at $1,500” was the title of an article shared by Barrons yesterday after Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas raised his bull case estimate for Tesla stock to $2,500 a share.

Feel free to bet against Tesla, but I believe it’s very dangerous to bet against Elon Musk.

Panasonic To Increase Tesla Battery Cell Energy Density By 20%


Imagine owning a Tesla vehicle that can drive over 1000 miles on a single charge and can last a million miles.

In this exclusive piece reported by Reuters, Panasonic Corp wants to increase the energy density of the 2170 battery cells it supplies to Tesla by 20% in five years and commercialize a cobalt-free version “in two to three years”, the head of its U.S. EV battery business said.

A 20% increase in the energy density of the battery cells is going to be huge once realized.

The 2170 battery, which according to researchers already has the highest energy density at above 700Wh/liter, was introduced in 2017 for Tesla Model 3 vehicles. The battery has lithium-ion cells, with the nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCA) cathode chemistry.

On the 22nd of September, Tesla is set to announce a ground-breaking battery technology that has been a top-secret till now. The secret battery technology breakthrough promised by the CEO Elon Musk, developed with China’s CATL, can make an electric vehicle drive a million miles.

While CATL is already supplying Tesla with low-cost lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that contain no cobalt, Panasonic has cut cobalt content to under 5% in the NCA cathode. This is possibly one of the reasons Tesla is betting big on CATL batteries and has also decided to work with LG Chem.

Tesla is presently looking for a Production Associate that will work alongside engineers on the new pilot line, while they construct a new battery production facility in Fremont USA and Germany.

“Tesla Could Be The World’s Most Valuable Company Before 2030” – VW CEO Herbert Diess

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess who plans to sell over 20 million electric vehicles before 2030, believes Tesla could be the world’s most valuable company before 2030.

The CEO of Tesla Inc!., currently the CEO of the most valuable vehicle maker in the world, with a market cap of about $280 billion, has received huge praise from rival company Volkswagen AG‘ CEO Herbert Diess on LinkedIn Post.

Diess is most likely the only CEO of a Tesla competitor out there, that praises Elon Musk on every milestone he reaches and hopes to emulate Elon’s achievements with Tesla.

In response to a post by auto industry researcher Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, VW CEO Diess praises Musk for doing the impossible. “Elon Musk delivers results that many have deemed impossible,” Diess wrote

According to Diess “in five to ten years the world’s most valuable company will be a mobility company — that can be called Tesla, Apple or Volkswagen.

With over €33 billion, dumped into R&D, Diess is not slowing down on his plans to drive Volkswagen towards being the world’s largest electric carmaker.

“I think we [Musk and VW] make a good pair because he is pulling ahead and we are fast followers” – Diess.

What do you guys think?… Do you see Tesla taking over tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google before 2030?.